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Government turns its back on fishing industry (again)

If nothing else then surely the news that Ireland is rejecting EU aid for fuel costs for the fishing industry is yet more damming evidence that this Government, and this Minister, are going out of their way to hinder the Irish fishing industry from survival during these times of crisis.

Only three days ago the Minister told industry representatives that he was “acutely aware” of the pressures facing fishermen due to the ongoing price of fuel but then he and his DAFM officials turn their backs on the offer of EU fuel aid that wouldn't cost the Irish State a single cent.

Due to Minister McConalogue’s stance on this issue (and more) the people of Ireland’s fishing and seafood industry can be left with no other option than to believe that under the current political and civil servant regime the fate of Ireland’s fish sector is doomed and the extermination of this industry and of Irish coastal communities is well under way.


Marine Minister Refuses to Draw Down EU Fuel Aid Despite Zero Cost to Irish Exchequer

Fishing industry representatives say they are confounded and disappointed by the Government’s repeated refusal to draw down EU fuel aid. They met with the Minister for the Marine on Friday and urged him to secure the existing EU aid to help with the crippling costs of going to sea.

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Sep 28, 2022

Our meagre size fishing industry is slowly sinking and one thing that is certain there will be no liferings thrown by this government to save it. Its absolute crime whats be done to the industry and almost every TD in Dail Eireann is guilty of complicity through their silence. In the governments eyes we are rats and let the rats drown. "Its so sad"

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