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Our Mission

Established in early 2021 due to an ever-increasing demand from those in the fishing and seafood coastal communities nationwide for a united industry voice, the Irish Fishing & Seafood Alliance (IFSA) aims to represent all sectors of Ireland’s fishing, seafood, and ancillary service industries


Even from its early formation and foundation the IFSA received great support from all of Ireland’s coastal communities and is also endorsed by some of the country’s largest and most prominent industry groups - numbers which continue to grow rapidly.


Among its many agendas and challenges, the IFSA aims to seek recognition by Government and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine that the seafood industry in Ireland requires their urgent intervention to not only ensure a fair but sustainable fishing industry for Ireland but also, in an urgent priority, to see redress for Ireland that the devastating outcome that BREXIT has beset upon the industry.


With the motto of “your voice in our industry”, IFSA is a self-funding, non-profit organisation that is not restrained by any existing regional political divisions, nor is it divided by differing industry sector interests and will be the spokesman for all individuals, vessels, fish companies of all sizes, fish shops, and all ancillary service companies involved in the industry nationwide.


Given the task of gathering support and highlighting the immediate need for action in Ireland’s fishing and seafood industry is IFSA Chairman Cormac Burke - an ex fisherman and previous editor of three international fishing industry newspapers.


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Cormac Burke


Irish Fishing & Seafood Alliance


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