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The ‘not so green’ Department of Marine

On-shore power supply price rise by 378% forces return to diesel generators

At a time when all Irish industry commercial sectors are being told of the importance of operating in a ‘green’ and environmentally friendly manner the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine in Killybegs have placed a temporary price hike of 378% for the electric power supplied to the Killybegs’ pelagic fleet at the town’s main pier.

This has left vessel owners with no choice other than to return to their on-board diesel-powered generators to provide essential basic power for particular systems whilst lying tied up - and obviously burning fuel 24/7 is less environmentally friendly than being plugged into an electric quayside mains supply.

In a letter posted at several points along the town pier a notice from DAFM states that the current contract between DAFM and Electric Ireland ended in November and whilst a new deal is being confirmed then, based on a 12-month estimate, a price rise of 378% is being implemented.

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