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Dear IFSA friends,

On behalf of the Irish Fishing & Seafood Alliance I would like to thank the many subscribers who continue to make the existence of this organisation possible through payments and donations during 2022 and into 2023.

Slow but steady progress has, and continues to be, made since the organisation was established in February 2020 in shining a light into some dark corners that were previous kept hidden... but the IFSA can only continue to survive with the support of the industry and the people of the coastal regions – every single payment, no matter how small, is gratefully received.

The IFSA continues to be a totally independent, non profit body and it receives no grants or subsidies from the EU, the Irish Government or the Dept. of Marine – it relies wholly on the subscriptions of vessels, processors, ancillary companies, sole traders and individuals.

With so many already renewing their subscription, this as an indication that people are getting behind the ongoing efforts of the IFSA and that this is a cause worth supporting.

So if you, your company or your vessel subscribed last year – or if you wish to become a new subscriber – please contact me by phone or text at 087 3913117 or email:

* I would be particularly grateful to see more individual subscriptions (only €20 for the year) as it is this support that makes up the foundation on which the organisation relies on the most.

The bank details as follows:

Account name: Irish Fishing and Seafood Alliance

Acc No: 65603742 - Bank of Ireland, Killybegs, Co. Donegal

Sort Code (NSC): 904907

IBAN: IE29 BOFI 9049 0765 6037 42


Postal payments can be sent to IFSA, Elmwood Terrace, Killybegs, Co. Donegal (please make cheques payable to IFSA)

Thanking you once again for your vital support

Cormac Burke,

Chairman, IFSA

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