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— Your Voice in Our Industry.

Dear IFSA supporters,

As most of you will be aware, this organisation was only formed four months ago and, as can be seen, great progress has been made in securing an independent voice for the people in Ireland’s fishing, seafood and coastal communities who continue to suffer under the yoke of a Government who have clearly shown themselves to be intentionally neglecting its maritime (and farming) communities of rural Ireland.

With 85 vessels of varying types and sizes nationwide now subscribed members to the IFSA, this organisation is now the largest of its type in the country (despite the marine minister continually trying to ignore its existence).

However, this body is totally non-profit and it relies completely on subscription for its survival — therefore operating funds are vital to the future of the IFSA and everyone can play their part.

For example, there are almost 1,800 people on the IFSA Facebook group and if only half of these individuals were to subscribe then that would go a long way towards helping secure the organisation’s status.

Subscription fees are: individuals €20 / shops & sole traders €100 / ancillary companies €300 / vessels under 15m €100 / and a scale of modest fees for vessels over 15m depending on size & type (phone 087 3013117 for further information).

*Bank details are:

Account name: Irish Fishing and Seafood Alliance

Acc No: 65603742

Bank: Bank of Ireland, Killybegs, Co. Donegal

Sort Code (NSC): 904907

IBAN: IE29 BOFI 9049 0765 6037 42


If and when you make a payment, please drop me an email to and I can record your name and subscription and also provide you with a formal receipt if you wish.

Thanking you in advance for your support.

Cormac Burke,

Chairman, IFSA

Please make the effort to be a part of the IFSA - every euro makes a difference.

* The above IFSA bank details are also available in the current edition of Marine Times.

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