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Dear IFSA supporters,

I’m pleased to announce that as of this morning, this Organisation is about to complete the signing up of its 80th fishing vessel member - this is a massive statement from all sectors of the Irish fleet that the industry is supportive of the past and present work being undertaken by the IFSA and that people want the IFSA to be recognised as “our” voice in this crisis-ridden industry.

The IFSA ‘fleet’ of members, as well as the countless numbers of processors, co-ops, ancillary companies, shops and individuals is a powerful show of strength and unity both for now and for the future.

However, unlike others, given that this non-profit organisation receives no funding or subsidies from any other source, finances are naturally a consideration and everyone can do their bit to help in this regard.

Annual subscription IFSA fees for individuals is just 20 euros, 100 for sole traders, small shops and inshore vessels and then a rising but modest scale of payments for larger vessels and companies.

I would greatly appreciate if everyone could take time to make a subscription or donation - every bit helps and would be very gratefully received.

Please contact me at or phone 087 3913117 for bank details to make a payment.

Thank you,

Cormac Burke

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