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After much effort by Michael Collins Ind. TD and others, the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) have finally been called to face the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Agriculture & Marine (Wednesday 18th May) to answer questions regarding their actions in recent times and in particular in regard to their controversial demands to ‘dry weigh’ blue whiting at Killybegs which resulted in millions of euro lost to the local economy and has threatened the long term hope of foreign vessels coming to supply Killybegs’ processors with badly-needed raw material.

“I, and my colleagues on the Joint Committee, look forward to this meeting as it will give the opportunity to get to the truth of many issues in which the SFPA are involved - particularly the claim made by them at the last such meeting that they were working “in consultation with the industry at all times” when clearly this is not the case neither back then nor at present — announcing to the industry new orders and enforcing rules that are not appearing anywhere else in the European Union is certainly not ‘working with’ this industry in any form,” Deputy Collins said.

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