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More RTE anti industry propaganda

An interesting report by Ireland's news broadcaster RTE on the rising fish prices in Ireland turning consumers to cheaper alternatives - however, this journalist fails to even scratch the surface of the real challenges facing the Irish fishing and seafood sector in that this Government does not support this industry and does nothing to defend it against EU (and some non EU) super powers who are plundering Ireland’s rich waters while Irish fishermen are forced to suffer ever reducing quotas.

This is clearly another anti industry government agenda article claiming that the energy use of catching fish makes it an unsustainable source of food  and does nothing more than attempt to stab the Irish seafood sector in the back.

This RTE journalist practically argues that it makes sense for Irish consumers to buy imported fish because of the amount of energy used by Irish boats in catching fish but he then ignores the fact that other countries’ fleets use the exact same amount of energy as the Irish boats (and often with a much bigger carbon footprint than Irish vessels who don’t steam all over Europe to catch their fish).

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