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IFSA social media temporarily out of action

Dear IFSA followers,

Please note that since the international crash of Facebook & Messenger last Tuesday (5th March) I have not been able to regain access to my personal Facebook account and therefore it is also not possible for access to the IFSA group page.

Despite my efforts in following Meta instructions in changing passwords and using various codes they send to me, it has still not been possible to get back in - - however, I have found a FB support email address and I have submitted photographic proof of ID - but as yet there has still been no access granted.

If this issue is not resolved by next week then I will have to establish a new personal FB account and a new Irish Fishing & Seafood Alliance group and hopefully the word will spread and the 2,500+ group members will find their way to the new group.

Updates on this issue next week.

If you are reading this message I would be grateful if you would please copy the link to your Facebook page so that others might be made aware of the situation.

Apologies for the disruption but in the meantime, please note that all articles that appear on IFSA facebook are also on the website

My contact details remain as:

Tel: 087 3913117

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