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A meeting of minds

Today (14th May) the IFSA headquarters hosted an extensive two-hour meeting between IFSA Chairman Cormac Burke and the CEO of the Irish Fish Producers & Exporters Association (IFPEA), Brendan Byrne.

Described by both parties as being “highly constructive” the meeting covered a wide range of industry-related topics and on how the two organisations can work in closer co-operation going forward.

“The reality is that our fishing and processing sectors are at a low ebb at this time and some major challenges lie ahead for the industry.

“All representative organisations such as the IFPEA and the IFSA will play a major role in bringing justice for our sectors in the coming months and years,” said Brendan Byrne.

Cormac Burke added, “I’m grateful to Brendan and the IFPEA for their recognition and support of the IFSA in our effort to be recognised at Government level as a voice for this industry and for the people of Ireland’s coastal communities who’s concerns are largely being neglected in the current crisis situation in the industry”.

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