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Close the door on your way out Charlie

Dear Sir,

I have read with interest the IFSA articles on social media over recent months and it is astounding that Minister Charlie McConalogue refuses to listen to this important industry voice and the thousands of people of Ireland’s coastal communities who are essentially his employer.

This type of behaviour is the best way for a politician to lose his job while his arrogant and incompetent members of staff will keep theirs and will still be there to be advisors to the next minister.

Mr McConalogue is getting well coached by his back-room staff who have convinced him that we, the voters, who are in fact his employers will not punish him at the next election.

Will they also advise him to continue to hide the actual facts contained in the 2018 EU Audit report which the SFPA are trying to use to punish the industry with whilst not showing any evidence of wrong doings by fishermen?

Wake up Charlie before it is too late - you will end up like all previous ministers on the scrap heap!

Look at the people who are ‘advising’ you, they are laughing at you as your political career goes up in smoke.

Here’s a few questions for you to consider Minister:

Have these civil servants ever had to knock on doors begging for their jobs/votes?

Will they lose their job in the next election?

Do they give a toss about you or your career?

Have any of them ever given you a vote?

How many votes will they cost you?

Do they live in your constituent community?

Were you elected to serve these senior civil servants or the people of Donegal and Ireland’s marine sector?

Did you take the oath to serve ALL of the people or just some civil servants?

Do you want to be remembered as the minister that doubled-crossed the fishing communities all around Ireland but worst of all, for your part in the annihilation of the fishing industry in your home county?

By dismissing the IFSA, because it is demanding answers from your Dept. of Marine to some very relevant questions, you have insulted Ireland’s fishing communities and by doing so your actions will be remembered next time at the ballot box.

If you think this campaign for justice and transparency in the management of Ireland’s seafood industry is going to go away then you are making a grave error and one that will ultimately cost you your cosy seat in the Dail.

You Sir have proven yourself to be no friend to fishing and seafood communities all over Ireland and one can only hope that your arrogance will come back to ‘bite you in the ass’ over time.

Name supplied

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